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I’ve been using this product for over 20 years. During this time I’ve continually had perms every 4 months and tints every 8 weeks. My hair is shiny and in good condition - no split ends. I wouldn’t use anything else.


Amazing! Great nourishing conditioner. My hair feels soft, shiny and healthy after using this. The tub lasts me quite a while as I only need to use a small amount. Fantastic product and great price. Will definitely buy again.


Best one. This product is amazing, can’t believe with the price and so effective to use. Makes my curly hair looks shiny and very smooth.

Hazel Joy

Henna clear wax… great product. I thank my hairdresser that recommended this great product to me. I have been using it for 10yrs and my hair is fabulous. I never go away on holiday without it, and my hair looks pretty awesome always.

Polly Anna

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